Indulge me and allow me to take a very pro-active business position.

We care as much about the health of the local folks and ourselves as anyone else. 

But enough already.

This overreaction to this invisible enemy is killing our local economy with a few notable exceptions. 

If you sell groceries, personal protective gear or related items, business is booming. Why? Mainly because we as a country dramatically overreacted and allowed computer models, not common sense, to make decisions. Score one for the robots.

Consider this, in the United States in 2018, more than 810,000 people were hospitalized for the flu. The flu is a viral disease, much like COVID-19, and we have vaccines for the flu. But even if you get the flu shot, you can still get the flu. So, is that really a vaccine or a “best-we-can-do-with-what-we-have” action?  If we waited for vaccines think of how many times this country would have shut-down. 

Early in this panic to the pandemic, the models or robots predicted that 25 million Americans would become infected if we did nothing, and we bought it. That is patently absurd because Americans, when faced with a challenge or crisis, never do nothing. 

But, the 25 million number is so big that logical people made illogical decisions and slowed the most incredible economy we have ever seen to a crawl and hurt a lot more people than the virus. 

Many local businesses have been crippled and a bunch of really good people are out of a job, hopefully temporarily, through no fault of their own. 

We are resilient, tough and determined and if necessary can and will take steps to mitigate anything, but let’s open this place up for business and stop running so scared. We are blessed to have exceptional medical faculties staffed with outstanding medical and support professionals who will do what they need to do if they need to do it. The federal, state and local governments are ready to stop something if it should get started. By the Grace of God, it has not comparatively started here and if it does, we will handle it together. 

Enough is enough, Let’s Open For Business!

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