There are some essential tips to keep in mind as students prepare for their summer classes. The first piece of advice is to set goals, such as “turn in assignments one day before the deadline.” It is critical to stay motivated and accountable. 

Second, come prepared to learn by bringing appropriate learning materials such as a notebook and writing utensils to each class. Even if students are enrolled in online courses, make it a habit to arrive at the computer at a predetermined time with all course materials in hand and ready to learn. Summer courses are accelerated, which means they last six weeks rather than the 16 weeks of a regular semester, so instructors cover more material in a short amount of time. 

The third tip is to become familiar with all of the resources and support services available at CBC (library services, tutoring, disability services, etc.). When a student realizes they need clarification or struggling to understand a concept, it is critical to seek assistance from the instructor.  

Finally, use a planner (paper or digital app) to keep track of all important dates and deadlines. It is important to check your syllabus for all due dates and the CBC academic calendar for important dates like the last day to withdraw from classes. 

These are just a few pointers for students taking summer courses; to learn more we encourage students to attend the student success workshops throughout the semester. Please contact us at for all support services; please include your phone number so that we can contact you by phone if necessary. We wish academic success to all CBC students taking courses this summer. 

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