Coastal Bend College (CBC) provides a comprehensive range of student support services, one of which is academic advising. You may be familiar with the term “advisors”; the title has shifted from “advisor” to “success coach” – success coaches provide academic advising but also assist students in navigating college by providing resources to ensure student success. Often, teaching is associated with a classroom setting, but teaching also occurs outside the classroom, including academic advising sessions. Learning how to interpret a degree plan and college policies and procedures can be daunting; however, the success coaches are available to assist. Advising in higher education is a journey of discovery for both the student and success coach as they work together to navigate the college experience even through unexpected situations, such as a global pandemic. The support does not seize because of unexpected events; as success coaches, we adapt to the change and help students through transitions. We hope that students will retain the skills (decision-making, time management, listening skills, etc.) acquired during the advising sessions and apply them to real-world situations after college. If you or someone you know would like to visit with a CBC success coach (Angie, Carlos, Jessica and Randi), please email Summer and fall 2021 registration is now open – register today!

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