Taking precautions helps others avoid virus

What is asked of us at this time to stop COVID-19 is little because it will save lives.

I am not at home during these weeks, because we are an essential business,  but instead out in the community covering stories and interacting with people, at a safe distance. Our offices are open and if you decide to visit, please make sure to adhere to the six-foot guidelines. 

Reporting is my job and my professional passion. It’s what I signed up to do some 21 years ago.

My days are spent telling the stories of the men and women of both Bee and Goliad counties who are weathering this storm and every other storm— the businesses struggling to survive and the heroes on the front line of this epidemic. We also spend time reporting on the good-news stories of the great people that we call neighbors. 

When I get home, my routine is much the same as so many others who continue their work despite the coronavirus concerns.

But this means I must take extra precautions to protect my family.

There are no welcoming hugs from my family.

“You know the routine,” my wife says as I set my bag down by the door.

All the clothes go immediately into the washing machine and then it is straight to the shower.

It is not how this virus would affect me that prompt this concern.

It is what it would do if my wife or our little boy were to catch it.

Our regular Sunday coffee with my mom is on a temporary hiatus until this clears as well.

My Mon is healthy and we are grateful.

Our trips to the in-laws — likewise canceled for now.


Yes, we will still help or drop off something they need. But it is done in a covert manner where items are left at a distance, well beyond the state’s six-foot suggestion.

Like many, I am ready for this to be over and the virus to become a distant memory. But patience is the virtue that will see us through.

No one can say how history will tell this story.

Is this an overreaction to a threat that missed its mark in America?

Is this just the beginning of what we will have to endure when it doesn’t subside and spreads faster than expected?

What we are asked to do is a small price — there will be many more Sunday coffees and missing these few will soon be a distant memory — to ensure that those we care about are safe.

If Easter comes and goes without a large celebration, that will be fine. 

It’s often said a parent will defend his family with his life. This is but a small bit of inconvenience and I will accept it for many more months and years with mine.

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