Tales of the Digitail

Frio the Kat

If you listen as closely and as intently (even though I am a male) as I do around here in the newspaper’s office, you will hear people talking about digitail, more and more often.

My logic, as a very astute Kat, tells me that they are talking about tails, of which I have extensive knowledge. 

My tail is not so much, if at all, classified as a digitail. Truth be known, I have no idea what a Digi is. 

I do know what a tail is and am learning every day how much fun and how very useful it can be. 

What gets me is why the people around here hide theirs. They must be tucking their tail in these things they refer to as pants or dresses. That has to hurt because they do it every day, all day. 

For real, I do not have time to concern myself with whatever reasons they have for hiding and not using their tail as I use mine. Here are some examples: 

1. Chase it 

2. Catch it

3. Wag it on the window I am looking out of to mesmerize the birds and attract the people-lookers

4. Flick it, to-and-fro as I jump up

5. Use it to knock things off whatever surface I choose to jump on

6. Move it slowly during my naps as an alert so no one either spooks or steps on me

7. Hold it straight up in the air as I run so the people in front can see me coming and the people in back … well, you know if you have ever been behind a Kat—you can’t un-see that

8. Lay it flat on the desk so all will know that I am in a Kat-Trance (Do not disturb)

9. Count the stripes

10. Lick it until I have a mouth full of tail-hair and create a great big hair-ball

11. Dip it in the fishy-thingy that is full of delicious water

12. Stare at it, because it is a thing of Kat-beauty

Don’t know why they talk so much about digitail, and I really have no plans to spend any Kat time or energy trying to figure that out. 

The bigger I get, North & South, the stronger and more beautiful this tail becomes, so stop by and take a look. If I am not too busy chasing the toys or whatever I choose to chase, you can take a selfie with my tail from the front!

When you are in the area, stop in to The Beeville Bee-Picayune so we can meet, but please make sure to not interrupt nap time. 

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