A lot of jokes are being made as parents take on the additional role of teacher.

There is the classic joke of a mom removing “My child is an honor student” sticker from the back of her car after only the first week homeschooling.

Even educators know that come the fall, when students return to the classroom, they will hear, “That is not how mom taught me math.”

Yes, elementary students are learning to “carry the one” from their homeschool math teachers. 

One parent, a naval engineer no less, pleaded for help as they tried to explain this new math to their elementary child.

Praise, and rightly so, is being given to the teachers who are working harder than ever to get their lessons out to the students and provide the support they need along the way.

What makes this so hard is that parents, whether it is mom or dad trying to remember just how to solve for X, must first get their child to understand that while they are at home, they must do school work.

For children, home is the place where they can be themselves, where they often test boundaries. It’s that place where recess doesn’t have a set time. Where snacks are prevalent and no one needs to ask permission to use the bathroom.

Not any more. 

Now, they must sit — a monumental task for any 7-year-old boy — for hours as they learn multiplication, writing and poetry. 

One parent joked, she gave the cat a bath and helped her son write his first poem.

Guess which was harder?

From Twitter, we get this frazzled mom: “If there is a way to teach fourth grade fractions without a lot of crying, I don’t know what it is.”

By the end of this, we all need to chip in and give these parents a basket of wine and cheese.

Of course parents too are realizing just how important teachers are.

Another seemingly stressed mom writes, “Been home schooling a 6-year-old and 8-year-old. Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week.”

Lets tack on a couple more lessons learned from the coronavirus.

• Schools are more than just buildings where kids go five days a week

• Teachers deserve far more respect than is often given

• Those who educate these youth are irreplaceable.

School is nearly complete and things will return to whatever the new normal is in a few weeks. So hang tight parents, and teach on.