With all the crazy talk about defunding police one can only wonder what they were thinking. If you are not sure who they are, you haven’t been paying attention.

In the places where they live, by design, they have fewer police and what do you know, crime, especially violent crime, skyrockets, imagine that!

Because we are much smarter in this part of the country, nothing like that has happened here and it is highly unlikely that it ever will. Here, we believe in the rule of law, and we respect and honor those brave men and women that have chosen a career path that all too often puts their safety at risk, while they protect us from evil.

Officer Jimmie Zamora of the Portland Police Department is one of the brightest of the blue. Officer Zamora and I had a unique opportunity to visit while I was given the privilege of riding along with him for a couple of hours during his 12-hour shift.

Jimmie is passionate, has an engaging personality, is forthright and loves his job! For two hours he shared his passion for what he does, what he has done, and how he adores his family, especially his 2 1/2-year-old little girl.

Jimmie comes to Portland from the Robstown Police Department where he worked tirelessly for several years catching bad guys who deal in illegal drugs, smuggling of undocumented immigrants and other nefarious activities. He caught a bunch.

He shared some of the more impactful cases involving some really bad behavior that need not be shared here. It involved people mistreating other people, along with significant illegal drugs, guns and lots of cash.

The problem is much, much bigger than most of us know. Statistically as many as 20% of the cars headed north through his old stomping grounds are involved in illegal activity.

Given his aptitude and his training, he learned what to look for when he encountered people and always gave the person the benefit of the doubt. He did it right.

I asked Officer Zamora what we as citizens could do to help him and other officers be more effective. He said that Portland residents already do a really good job of reporting anything suspicious and that is a really big help, so keep it up.

He spoke very highly of the leadership of the Portland Police Department and has deep respect for the way they lead and how he and others are treated with such respect and consideration.

He is glad he is here and so am I. Officer Jimmie Zamora is one of the brightest of the blue.

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