The few that may be willing

When a local county sheriff feels compelled to make this profound statement; “This effort must be a cooperative one that combines local, state and the few willing federal agencies,” we should all pay very close attention. 

Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad County recently made the statement in a story that we wrote and published, regarding the border crisis, when he mentioned the few that may be willing to help. 

Considering the matter that desperately needs helping, one wonders why and who.

The “why” is unfortunately tragically obvious. The “who” is more diabolically complex. 

Boyd and other law officials have had enough, and there seems to be no end in sight. In fact, the only thing that is in sight is the long line of illegals streaming, unchallenged, across the border of the United States. It is still illegal to enter this country without statutory permission.

Inexplicable is the best and most accurate description that comes to mind. Diabolical, as mentioned earlier, is another. 

United States citizens are being overwhelmed by non-citizens, and the federal government is not only allowing this to happen, the federal government is encouraging this illegal behavior. They are unapologetically above the law. 

… to paraphrase a famous unattributed quote: When the government fears the people you have democracy. When the people fear the government you have anarchy. 

Not only are the Washington D.C. swamp-dwellers on both sides of the aisle out of touch with our reality, they act as if they don’t care at all, and most of them don’t!

Law enforcement officials are mission-critical to a civilized society but only in as much as they are allowed to enforce the laws. Tie their hands with unwarranted executive orders, and you have mayhem. Welcome to mayhem. 

When bureaucrats who live in a bubble – because they couldn’t achieve any success in the work-for-a-living-world – make dumb and dangerous decisions that dramatically impact the people outside the bubble, they don’t admit that they are too deep in the swamp to consider the damaging consequences, or they just don’t care, and most don’t !

This has to stop, and for better or worse, someday it will. We hope this ends soon and compassionately well. So does Sheriff Boyd!

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