The city of Beeville is doing a great job of, without jelly, shafting the citizens of Beeville. Amidst a pandemic that is devastating, the frozen water meters in Beeville are of no frigging use. 

As the city well knows, all meters must be replaced, but the thing is the new meters are also useless, according to adjusting entries by city water personnel. (The new meters replacing the old are all leaking and are a big problem for the city.) 

Why should the citizens of Beeville be penalized because the water bills are not sent out on time?

Now (September) once again, the City of Beeville water department did not mail bills out and does not know when they will be able to send them due to printer problems. Come on, good grief. Instead we were charged double for our water usage. Double charge! Is this the new why, who, what or how we can expect from the City of Beeville? 

If heads must roll and legal remedies are required in order to get things to meet code, so be it. The city must act. The city government of Beeville needs to spend some of the money they claim to be so flush with, according to the words of Beeville City Manager John Benson. Please, sir, help us understand why, who, what and how a majority of the funding will come from the voter-approved sale of Beeville Water Supply District bonds totaling $10 million. He said $7 million will be spend on the Moore Street Wastewater Plant with remainder paying for future water system and that the citizens of Beeville are now in a stressful financial bind. 

Can anyone in this city government see that the good people of the city of Beeville are being overcharged for their water supply. Where are our superheroes of the Bee County commissioners? 

Hey, guys, you have competent authority. Election time is right around the corner, and you are simply not doing the jobs you were elected to perform. 

Why is it so difficult for our county officials and department heads to get up off their behinds and see how our citizens are being financially hurt.

Ben Cuellar

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