Berry helpful

Shallow DOF, focus on editor and nib of pencil.


Kay and I were on our way home from Corpus Christi last Friday, September 17, on a very hot afternoon, when we had a flat tire about twenty miles north of Sinton. 

I was beginning to hassle with the jack and related tools, wondering about the chances of sunstroke on the elderly, when a friendly young man stopped and asked if he could help. Could he ever!

While his wife and children watched from their SUV, he dug in and changed the blasted thing in half an hour.

We introduced ourselves as I returned the tools to the trunk. Our rescuer turned out to be a Beeville policeman, Patrolman John Berry, who is clearly a credit to the Beeville Police Department, to the community and most particularly to Kay and me. I hope we didn’t make his family late for something. He made our day much better for us. Thank you, Patrolman Berry! 

Al Past  

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