I don’t need to Google to read Cathy R. Just reading Cathy’s response tells quite a bit about her. I would not make such vile remarks against a person I know so little about. But it is so typical. I see the importance of educating children on our history and on the persons who fought and died to build this nation. I had two teachers who had a profound effect on my life. Mrs. Rex West and Nellie Stewart taught me to love books and learning. I am still an avid reader.

These riots that are going on now remind me of Nazi Germany. As a young army bride I joined my husband in Germany shortly after World War II. I saw the results of what happened to what was once a very cultured nation after it fell prey to a mad man. The education of their children was also allowed to be altered, and the destruction was unbelievable. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. It is happening here. 

I have had bad experiences with our education system. When my oldest child was in the third grade his grades started dropping. When talking with the principal I was told to be prepared to have a high school dropout. I promptly had my children removed from that school after a battle. Not only did my child graduate, he is now in our Hall of Fame three times and retired federal officer.

As my children grew I began to note that one was having a reading problem. Luckily I had a cousin, a teacher trained in that field, who taught me. I approached the school asking for help. I was told I didn’t have a degree, sit down, shut up. I didn’t know what I was talking about. So began a six-year battle before I succeeded in getting my son tested. He had dyslexia. In college he learned,on his own, that using the color green cellophane helped him read. He also retired as a federal officer. There was one teacher, Mrs. Hatcher, who helped my daughter. She had missed a tremendous amount of school due to an illness. Mrs. Hatcher worked with her for a year, helping her catch up.

You work long hours. So do others. Our military, firemen, law enforcement, doctors, nurses and others put their lives on the line for us every day. I have had calls from parents who are very upset with the situation. One parent with a special needs child who cannot speak is expected to be taught Spanish. Another special needs child receives approximately 15 minutes a week help from his teacher. Another lady tells me she is expected to teach Spanish to her child when she never took Spanish in school. Others speak to me of the frustration of trying to teach algebra after being out of school over 30 years.

Again I’m told to sit down, shut up. 

Joanne L. Hadwin

 P.S. it is a simple matter to raise taxes by reappraising property. It’s done all the time.

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