Greetings, I am John McKenna. In 1965 to November 1967, I was a naval officer assigned to NAS Chase Field. I came in as the assistant public works officer and then the last 1 1/2 years was the public works officer. Most enjoyable time in my life. 

The large solid monument that I was responsible for was the design and construction of the enlisted mess hall that was named for Doris Miller. I understand because of it being a structurally sound building it has transferred into being the laundry facility for the Texas prisons that are on site.

Because I was single, the on-site housing was not available to me. I rented a house in town. It is an injustice that NAS Chase was closed!

As I was 25-27 when at Chase, most of the public works employees I had have most likely passed on.

I am full of positive stories from my time at Chase and living in Beeville.

Sending cheers from south central Wisconsin – close to Frank Lloyd Wright’s facilities and 40 miles due west of Madison, the state capital.


John McKenna