I went to buy groceries at the H-E-B on Aug. 29. As I checked out, I realized I had left my keys inside the car. 

I went to the car and they were on the seat. 

The carry-out person suggested that I go inside as it was very hot. 

Then a customer and her daughter approached me and asked me if they could help me. 

She asked her daughter to take me inside and she would call the sheriff’s office for help. 

I believe she mentioned to me that she and her husband worked there. I didn’t get her name, but I am very thankful to her,  her daughter and the sheriff’s office for helping me out as I was not feeling good. 

There are still good people in this world, who are willing to help someone in need as they helped me. 

I am so grateful to God for all the angels He puts in our lives to help us in times of need.

Nancy Garcia