My name is Cora Sain. I am mom to Evelyn Sain, and I would like to extend my humblest gratitude to the citizens of Bee County who came out to support the bake sale for my daughter. We all go through struggles from time to time, but the most difficult of those struggles for a parent is when you cannot provide a need for your child. 

Evelyn has had many health issues since being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, and anyone who has ever had to deal with Medicaid knows that in order to ensure proper care you sometimes have to fight the system. Oftentimes fighting works; this time after eight months, it became more and more clear that I was wasting precious energy and time fighting a system that was not going to budge. 

It was difficult to swallow my pride and make the decision to ask for help, but I prayed long and hard about it and felt God was guiding me in this direction. So I took a leap of faith. As I began to prepare for the bake sale it was clear that God was guiding the way. So many of my wonderful friends and family generously volunteered to help. The bake sale was a success because of their great kindness and the kindness of strangers. 

I’d like to especially thank the couple who drove up as we were still setting up. We spoke for just a second; she said she also has a disabled child and handed me an envelope, wished us luck and drove on. When I opened the envelope there was a simple note that said, “We have also been in your position, hope this helps.” I’d like to say to them thank you for your generous heart and God bless you always. One sweet man left a donation along with a beautiful handmade angel for me. This angel will be a treasured memento of the most blessed day and week of our lives.

The day was filled with unexpected blessings around every corner. Church family who are dealing with their own struggles who came out to pitch in. Members of groups that I attend being so helpful and kind. Family members who jumped right in and went over and above making sweet treats to sell (Nana), and friends who made crafts to sell. I never would have imagined the outpouring of love we felt that day. Friends who wish to stay anonymous made a deeper impact than they realize. Thank you all for your generosity, and I would like you to know we were able to raise enough money to cover all of Evelyn’s planned dental treatments and expenses. Praise God!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all! I love my hometown, and God bless you all.


Cora Sain and Evelyn Sain