The school bond issue has come up once again. According to the [July 24] newspaper article the committee has considered the problem in-depth. Have you really considered how it would affect the taxpayer since they are the ones who would have to pay for it? Most of our taxpayers are middle-class to poor and can ill afford another tax increase. The taxpayers have yet to be saddled with the debt for the new jail (which has already run over the project amount) and the recently-passed water bond. Water we cannot survive without. 

Businesses will experience a tax increase which in turn affects the taxpayers with an increase in the cost of goods and services. So we will be paying out of both pockets. We are still paying on the school bond issues. How deep do you think our pockets are? There are no major industries here to offset these taxes. Do you think they would even consider coming here after looking at our high taxes? 

[Superintendent Dr. Marc] Puig said they are funding the bill for all necessary technology but neglected to say the source of that funding. Would that come from a grant or funds already collected from the taxpayer?

Have you seen the parking lots at the high school and junior high? Where did the funds come from to pay for the three parking lots? They are nice but not necessary, nor did they contribute to the education when you needed new science labs. What about the cost to demolish Thomas Jefferson and Madderra-Flournoy schools? That also was not a high priority and contributed nothing towards education. Don’t you think it would have been more prudent to pay off existing debt before taking on additional debt? I would assume any prudent person would pay off all debt before taking on additional debt.

Your prior reasons for a new school was that the restrooms were dirty and cabinets were old — poor excuses to spend millions of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. So clean, repair, renovate the restrooms and other facilities. Acquire the fixtures, cabinets and paint the walls. Furthermore, teach the kids to respect and take care of their schools.

I don’t know anyone who tears down their home because it has some age on it. There are plenty of homes in Beeville that are 50 years old or more and still going strong. Why? Because they are maintained by the homeowner. Our schools should do the same.


Joanne L. Hadwin