I wholeheartedly agree with my friend JoAnn Hadwin’s letter to the editor titled “Weeds Out of Control” in the city in the May 14 issue of the newspaper.

It amazes me folks are frantically “cleaning” during this coronavirus pandemic! I guess wiping things down makes people feel better. I cannot believe everyone’s homes- are spotlessly cleaned when I see their yards full of junk. Seeing trash in yards and city rights-of-way, curbs, ditches, fence lines, abandoned cars, etc. does not make anyone feel better.

Understand I am not blaming the city because “the city” does not throw out the trash; the citizens do. However, the city should have ordinances/regulations in place for these things and consistently enforce those policies. Of course, the city officials will come back and say they don’t have the budget and/or manpower. Well, maybe if people start getting fined the city would have the budget and manpower.

Okay, City, what are you doing to do? 

Sincerely, Delia Barrera