I would like to bring attention to a young man that I think is doing an outstanding job for the city of Beeville. About a year and half ago, Joseph Chavarria became the Pro Shop manager at the John C. Beasley Municipal Golf Course. Since that time, I have had several opportunities to watch Joseph with the customers and his staff, and I have been very impressed. His customer service skills are first rate, and it is obvious that his staff really likes him. Whenever I have been in the Pro Shop, and customers are leaving I hear, “I appreciate y’all, thanks for everything,” or some other positive comment. It is very easy to see that the golfers that come to the golf course feel welcomed.

When Joseph first began, he learned the record keeping system that former manager John Johnson had established, and on several occasions even called my husband on the phone to ask questions when he need additional help. I felt that was a real sign of maturity, since many young men in a leadership position might want to “prove” they could it all themselves and not ask for assistance from an employee. However, since that time my husband has told me about several improvements that Joseph has made to the record keeping system and what a good job he is doing.

When I have been at the Pro Shop, Joseph is often times fixing flats on the golf carts or doing some other type of maintenance on the golf carts. Just two weeks ago, I was at the golf course when my husband was closing up at around 7 p.m., and there was a cart out on the course that had a flat, and the wheel had come off of the rim. Joseph came back to the course to repair the cart and then brought it up to the cart storage area. 

In May of 2020, when my husband and Mitch Luna addressed their concerns of possibly selling beer at the Pro Shop, they were challenged by the city council to increase revenue at the Pro Shop. Over the past year, under the guidance of Joseph Chavarria, they have worked on record keeping, customer service skills, held monthly tournaments and worked on improving sales of refreshments and merchandise in an effort to raise the Pro Shop revenue. In fiscal year 2018-2019, the reported income for the Pro Shop was around $63,000, in Fiscal Year 2019-2020 the income for the fiscal year was around $83,000. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year after six months the income was $26,379, and at the same time this current fiscal year the income is $59,177! That is a 55% increase in income after six months of the fiscal year. 

Joseph Chavarria deserves to be congratulated for the outstanding job he is doing. Congratulations, Joseph, on doing an outstanding job of managing the John C. Beasley Pro Shop.


Beverly Stevenson

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