The Democrats (Kamala “La Mala” Harris) – trying to brainwash and manipulate the public into believing that the Republican Party, not them, is the party of slavery, hatred and racism – have been advocating for reparations.  

I agree with them, reparations should be made; but the reparations should be made by them (the Democrats), because it was they who owned the slaves, not the Republicans.  

It was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who segregated the racial groups, who burned crosses on the lawns of the individuals who dared to disagree with their radical policies, who hanged and killed blacks and other minorities and who fought for the right to own slaves.  

The Republicans shed blood, tears and treasure in order to free the slaves, so why should any member of the Republican Party be forced to make reparations?  

It should be the Democratic Party (the party of slavery, hatred and racism) who should be making reparations, not the Republican Party.  


Alfredo Acuna Garcia Jr., aka Spartacus