Even though the school board’s ad was so small it was almost impossible to read, I believe the long and short of it is they intend to raise our school taxes. That is unbelievable that in this time our school board would even consider such a move. It is totally inconceivable that the board could be so unconcerned about our taxpayers and what they have been going through this year that they would even consider this. Many people have lost their jobs; others have had to close their business. Many are on food stamps and unemployment for the first time. Shame on you!

On top of this our schools haven’t even been open. Our children are being homeschooled with our educators doing half of their job. What other place would pay for you full pay for doing half of a job? The parents are teaching the children, not the teachers. Our schools are still not being maintained. Parents have to supply their own equipment, supplies and electricity to operate the equipment, not the schools, which costs the parents more. Still the school’s want more money. For what?

Speaking of a job half done, our schools have failed our children. They have not taught them our history or the laws of this great nation. I have talked with many of our children, and they are completely dumb about these things. It is astonishing how little they know. Shame on our so-called educators and shame on us for allowing this to happen to our children. It can be corrected.

Actually there should be a tax rebate paid to the taxpayers for the time schools have been closed. If you don’t work – no pay. Everyone else has to work for their pay.

P.S. It looks as if we didn’t need that new school after all doesn’t it?

JoAnn Hadwin, Beeville

Editor’s note: The notice posted by the school district reflects a drop in the tax rate but an overall increase in total taxes due to an increase in property values. 

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