Old news


I just finished reading the “On the rise” article and can say the Covid scoreboard is getting old. What else is getting old is politicians dividing people by insulting those who believe differently on what is best for themselves by labeling them with monikers such as anti-vaxxer. I got a word of advice for Michael Willow: it’s not that I’m anti-vax, I’m more anti-elected officials thinking they know me better than I know me, and if I don’t agree with them, then I get put into a category. If you want to win folks over, try a convincing, fact-based approach instead of classification with the attempt to change ones mind through insult. In your words we are “fighting a losing battle”; well, why would I stick a bacteria-infested mask on my face or get an injection I’m not sold on if we are fighting a losing battle where the vaccinated and mask obsessed are still getting sick? I’m not going to live in fear because some elected officials have a desire to push an agenda. I’ll take my chances with a virus that has a very high recovery and survival rate. Disease and viruses have been killing mankind since the dawn of time; we should be used to it by now.

Brian Harwell

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