Dear Mr. Butt: 

When I shop, I never consider the political affiliation of the owner, manager or employees of the place. Whom they support with their money and vote is their choice. That’s the freedom we have in America. I have shopped at H-E-B for nearly 54 years and worked for H-E-B for over 12 years even though I knew your political affiliations were different from mine. Who you support is your business and yours alone. However, if I’m reading the news items correctly, H-E-B has joined with several other “cancel culture” businesses to destroy Mike Lindell and his “My Pillow” company with the subsequent loss of jobs for all his employees. The basis for this is that you all do not agree with his political positions. This is not freedom, this is tyranny. The basis for the “cancel culture” movement is to make us all think and act alike. All one must do is listen to those who support this movement and their call to re-educate all conservatives so that we will walk in lockstep with them. This is the “groupthink” that George Orwell spoke of in his book 1984. 

How you run your business is just that, your business. Where I buy my groceries is my business. H-E-B is a fine company with many exceptional employees, and I wish them and your company no harm. I know the small amount I spend will have no effect on H-E-B’s bottom line, but I must do that which I feel is right.  

To desire the destruction of another American company simply because they do not think like you and act like you is reprehensible. I think you forgot that you live in Texas where 50% to perhaps 75% of the people that shop with H-E-B are on the conservative side of the political spectrum. I feel it is very shortsighted to alienate 50 to 75% of those who shop with H-E-B.   

I will be happy to shop with H-E-B when I see “My Pillow” products back on the shelves of your H-E-B Plus stores. Until that day, I’ll shop at the other stores in town. 

Sincerely, Jack Allen

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