We cannot be more proud of and pleased with our local hospital. On Wednesday, Jan. 20, Christus Spohn Beeville began administering COVID-19 vaccines on the hospital grounds using a drive-thru process. The vehicles were lined up continuously but moved through the parking lots there all day, according to local health officials.

After hearing the horror stories of people sitting in their automobiles for six or seven hours in Nueces County, we were prepared to pack our patience when we arrived for our afternoon appointment. However, we drove behind the hospital, received our paperwork and filled it out in the 10 minutes it required to drive to the front of the hospital, moved to one of several vaccine stations, then parked in the lot on the west side while we waited the required 15 minutes to make sure there was no adverse reaction. It was a painless process; our arms did not hurt after the Pfizer shot was administered.

According to area reports, the facility received 1,900 doses and had already distributed more than 1,300 of them to persons in the 1A (medical and emergency workers) and 1B (over 65 and health compromised individuals) categories on Wednesday. Appointments for the remaining vaccine doses scheduled for Thursday were already full.

Thank you, Christus Spohn and Bee County officials, for organizing this amazingly well-thought-out and well-run vaccination hub. All of you health care professionals and volunteers who were serving your fellow citizens there (and we recognized many despite the masks) deserve our gratitude. You literally are a lifesaver!


Chip Latcham

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