Does the Supreme Court have the constitutional authority to give law enforcement the power to go from reactive policing to proactive policing?  No!  

There are some (cops, mayors, judges, legislators, etc.) who believe that law enforcement has a legal right to be proactive instead of reactive because, according to them, the Supreme Court has given them (the cops) permission to do it.  

The framers of the Constitution of the United States of America gave – via Article 3 of the Constitution – the Supreme Court the power to interpret the law, not the power to make the law.  

If the Supreme Court did in fact give law enforcement the power to create, adopt and employ proactive policing policies, it has in fact suspended the legal protections of the Fourth Amendment, made law and overstepped its constitutional authority.  

The Supreme Court has the constitutional authority to interpret the law, not the authority to make the law (which means that they have the right to decide the outcome of the cases before them, not give law enforcement more power).

The government’s proactive policing policy has not fixed or repaired anything; but it has, in my opinion, made matters worse.  

It is a disaster, a complete and total failure, so it should be abolished, immediately.

The Supreme Court does not have the Constitutional authority to give law enforcement blanket policing power or the authority to suspend any article, amendment or phrase of the Construction.


Alfredo Acuna Garcia Jr. aka Spartacus

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