Citizens of Bee County:

There is an initiative before the county court to return to voting by paper ballot n each of our own precincts with a proper ID, eliminating the need to travel to Beeville to vote.

At each of the last 3 Commissioner Court meetings, a number of people have addressed the court in favor of this initiative. No one has spoken against it.

While electronic voting appears to be simple and efficient on the surface, it is fraught with opportunities to be hacked and manipulated. This was shown to be true on both state-wide and national levels in the last election. Unqualified voters and deceased people voted, and in some cases over 100% of eligible voters cast ballots in their county and/or state. How is that possible? Because, unlike paper ballots, electronic votes are not verifiable. There is no paper trail.

With the influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens at our southern border, the opportunity for these non-citizens to vote electronically is huge. These people are being dispersed across every state in the country, and unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals willing to guide them in the voting process.

There will likely be an argument over the cost of returning to paper ballots. However, this will be minimal compared to the building of our jail, the rebuilding of our jail, on-going cost to maintain the jail, and it is still not in compliance. Honest elections are no less important, and the preservation of our democracy is worth it! This is NOT a political issue when everybody must follow the same rules.

I would urge everyone to pass on this information by word of mouth since some people do not subscribe to this newspaper. Now is the time to let your voices be heard. Please take the time to express your thoughts to your commissioner.

The court has not issued any statement of this topic. Hopefully that means all aspects of this initiative are under serious consideration.

Thank you,

Kathleen Trial

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