I challenge all readers to look at what you are voting for by investigating for whom you are voting. The work of gathering data is done; you just have to look at it (Ballotpedia.org or ivoterguide.com) to find out if your candidate shares your values (on abortion, taxes, freedom, gender, guns, etc.). 

Every. Single. Vote. Counts! The margin of victory in recent elections is quite small. Go vote. Remind your family. Contact your neighbors. Drive them to the polls if necessary. 

Our nation is divided, and every voice needs to be heard (and counted!). You will make a difference; it is every American’s privilege and duty. Be sure to vote all the way down the ballot; find out who’s on your ballot at www.votetexas.gov or get a sample ballot from your county clerk’s website.

Believe it or not, we are in a war: a silent war. Anti-American ideology (using many different names) has infiltrated all levels of government, education and organizations all around the world. The information is available from many different sources. 

You can choose to remain ignorant, or you choose to open your eyes and look closely at both sides. Ignoring the other side won’t make it disappear. 

Now is the time. We must fight for America. It sounds extreme and sounds like something that would never happen here … but it is happening. 

People have lost their senses. Peaceful protests are turning into violent riots, and yet some people are calling for defunding the police. Wake up, America. Pray, fervently. In God we trust. Sign the #PolicePledge at www.HeritageAction.com or #TexasBacksTheBlue to show your support for your local law enforcement officers.

Regina Dove, Bee County

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