I see that a notice has been placed in the Bee Pic about cleaning up our yards. Well, what is the city going to do about cleaning up their responsibilities? Have you noticed the weeds in the drainage ditches that run through our town? I have called several of our councilmen over the years about this problem on South Tyler St. and no action. I tried calling the city manager and was told to leave my name and telephone number with a promise that I would receive a return call. I’m still waiting for that call. Now the weeds in those ditches have become trees. Not only do they show that the city does not care, but they now have become a health hazard. They also leave a bad impression of our town. Now with all this rain, they are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In fact, when you go outside you’re already being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes. 

When is the city going to start spraying and are they ever going to do anything about the breeding grounds and unsightly weeds? We pay taxes, and it shouldn’t be too much to ask. I’ve only been asking for years. Isn’t it time for something to be done?

Sincerely, JoAnn Hadwin

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