Have you driven around out town and noticed the weeds growing in the ditches and on the sides of the roads, all of which is the responsibility of the city?

Take note of our drainage ditches on South Tyler. We have a lovely park surrounded by weeds that haven’t been touched in at least three years. Some of those weeds have now grown as tall as trees. Any business wanting to come to Beeville would take one look at the neglect of our community and move on to greener pastures.

Now try to get something done. You could call the city manager if you could get them to return your call. Lots of luck with that. I’ve called so many times they know my voice, and I get the same run around. “My call will be returned.” That hasn’t happened as of yet. Of course, you could contact your councilman, which results in promises unfulfilled. So what happens now? I was told by someone to give up. And I refuse to; I care about Beeville, and I’m asking others to care too. I will keep on calling and trying to get the city to do something about all the weeds. Please join me – after all, they work for us. I think they have forgotten that.

JoAnn Hadwin