The government is (and has been) abusing it’s authority. It’s gone wild. 

In drug cases involving two or more persons, law enforcement has been arresting and incarcerating everybody. That’s a fact. Don’t believe me? Check it out. 

The Health and Safety Code defines the meaning of “possession” as follows: “actual care, custody, control or management” (not assumed or presumed care, custody, control or management); and it doesn’t say anything about proximity or distance or “affirmative links.” That’s a fact. 

Consider the meaning of “possession” as defined by the Health and Safety Code and answer the following: how can two or more individuals, separate and distinct, possess the same piece of contraband, especially when the piece of contraband isn’t on the person or body of any of the individuals? How?

That, to protect the innocent from rogue peace officers, is the reason why the framers of the Great United States of America added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. That’s a fact!

The government is getting out control. That’s a fact.

That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 


Alfredo Acuna Garcia Jr. aka Spartacus

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