February 1, 2020, was the day that Coastal Bend Publishing purchased these community newspapers and associated website. From that moment forward, we knew things would change. 

What we couldn’t have known is, what changes from the initial plan, would surface as the best path, given the information available. 

Now, what is best, with what we currently know, is much more obvious. 

Changes are occurring. 

• The Beeville Bee-Picayune will be devoted exclusively to Beeville and the immediate surrounding area. There will occasionally be some content that is regional in nature but will be locally appealing. The majority of the weekly unique content will be about Beeville. Goliad news will no longer be a regular part of the combined content. 

• The News of San Patricio will be devoted exclusively to San Patricio County with the percentage of content weighted to the larger population centers. Refugio news will no longer be a part of the combined content. 

• The Goliad Advance-Guard and The Refugio County Press will become sister publications and contain information exclusive to the respective markets and also include combined content. Our new editor is Thomas Leffler.

• The Karnes Countywide & The Progress are adding a new editor, Jeff Osborne. Jeff and his family live in the area. He is a dedicated news professional and delighted to work closer to home. 

Our goals are simple:  Provide the best unique information to the markets we serve while meeting the needs of our readers and advertisers. Community newspapers cannot exist or grow without the communities’ desire and commitment to help. 

These changes are engineered to improve your community newspaper and to encourage you as readers to make reading your community newspaper a habitual and enjoyable event. 

The success of your community newspaper and your community is tied inexorably to you. 

We are diligently working to ensure that these changes achieve the desired results of measurably improving these products and we are always open to ideas on how to improve. 

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