Sweet Dreams of Patsy  is a one-hour musical program highlighting          the life and music of the legendary Country superstar, Patsy Cline.

 The show stars international recording artist and entertainer                 Patsy Torres as the beloved and acclaimed icon. Complete with a             live high energy band, The Cactus Country Band, video presentation, and costume changes; Patsy Torres embodies the voice, appearance, and characteristics of her childhood idol.


Sweet Dreams of Patsy  ushers the audience through the life history               of Patsy Cline as it would be told by Patsy herself. Little known facts are  shared along with Patsy’s most personal relationships and her experiences in the music business.  Song after hit song is performed to perfection with colorful dialogue, video support, and audience participation. Older audiences will be thrilled by Torres’ charisma and remarkable  incarnation of Ms. Cline, while younger audiences will become Cline’s newest fans.


  • Occurred Saturday, March 21st, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Dobie West Performing

304 Houston Street
George West, TX 78022


Dobie West Performing