County health department gives update on COVID-19

SPCDPH Medical Director Dr. James Mobley said he expects this week to be a bad one with residents seeing cases rise even higher in the state – and possibly even in the area. 

SINTON – This morning San Patricio County Department of Public Health Medical Director Dr. James Mobley and SPC Public Health Preparedness Manager Clara Rieder gave an update on the novel coronavirus COVID-19 to county commissioners.

“On Saturday, Nueces County reported their first case of COVID-19,” Rieder said. “It is travel related and they do not need hospital care and are being taken care of at home.

“At this moment, San Patricio County still had zero cases, individuals are being tested but all of them have come back negative at this moment. There is still testing going on with the same requirements.”

Gov. Greg Abbott said on Sunday that 566 people in Texas have “received presumptive positive or confirmed tests for the new coronavirus” with 334 testing positive and seven deaths.

“At this moment, we’re pretty lucky with only one case in Nueces County, but we are still watching it vigilantly,” Rieder added.

Dr. Mobley said he checked in with local Walmart and H-E-B managers over the weekend to see if there were shortages or if there was anything the medical and health departments could do to help out.

“They said things are going fine and there’s no shortages. I know some of you may beg to differ but they’re looking at suppliers, not at the shelves because they’re emptying out.

“They’re working with their suppliers because they have to spread (out supplies) throughout Texas, but they say there’s basically no shortages.”

Mobley said that even though there are no supply shortages, what is hitting the shelves isn’t staying there for long.

“My prediction remains the same,” he added. “I think this is going to be a bad week. I think around the first of April, we’ll probably top off and then we’ll see a scale down.

“The wildcard in that is nobody understands whatever this is, so we’re watching that very closely.”