When people in a community need to spread the word regarding an issue, the community newspaper is the ideal place with the ideal environment to do so.

We recently ran a really impactful story regarding some important issues at the local college in Beeville. Some students reached out to us and shared some very disturbing matters they said were happening in the VN and RN nursing programs. So we went to work. 

After extensive research involving the questioning of nursing students, the first version of the story was written. Then we contacted the college president and other college leaders with a list of questions. This led to an in person 1.5-hour meeting with our editor, the college president, the provost and me. (A provost’s main responsibility is to oversee the overall development of all the educational programs a college or university offers.) The meeting was cordial and insightful.

The college leadership responded to the list of questions in written form, and we incorporated the answers, where applicable, into the story. Then we went to press.

The response from students regarding the actions taken by the college leadership addressing the issues detailed in the story has been positive. 

We are not finished, because talk is cheap. 

Now we all will see how the leaders at the college hold to their newly pronounced action items and remedy whatever matters need fixing. Our commitment to the students and the college is to monitor the situation and continue to print the news as necessary. 

When the community needs to know the unbiased truth, the community newspaper is the only place to go. 

The community newspaper has been an integral part of every community, in most cases, for a very long while. 

Communities that do not care enough to passionately support their community newspaper are communities that will find it difficult to truly define the place they live as their community.

Here, at this group of newspapers, we don’t pick any fights, nor do we run from any. 

Although this may appear to be self-indulgent, it is not. There are times when we all need reminding of what matters and why. Community newspapers matter now as much as ever, because the light they shine pierces the darkest places.

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