Goliad City Council cooked up a revised set of rules for the city’s mobile food vendors during a Feb. 10 meeting, using inspiration from outside sources along with their own input. Council amended Ordinance 6-13-2017-5, specifically regarding fees paid by local vendors before setting up shop in Goliad.

Before the amended ordinance, the fees paid to the city by vendors was $100 per quarter. This put a damper on potential sales made by vendors that only arrive in the city on a limited basis, prompting a need for revision.

The revised fees now institute a yearly, six-month and daily cost for operating a mobile food vendor location, or food truck, in the city. The yearly fee will be $150, the six-month fee will be $75, and the daily use fee will be $35. This is in addition to a $15 application fee and a background check fee of $50, with both the application and background check remaining valid for one year.

Council had been discussing the switch since the start of 2021, noting that the yearly fee of $150 will save vendors money as opposed to giving a $100 quarterly fee four times a year. The city used Cuero’s fee policy as a base, while making amendments in the language.

For example, language in the Cuero ordinance stated that the fees apply to any vendor “not in a stationary location,” which council made a revision for in their ordinance. Nonprofits, such as Girl Scouts and religious groups, will be exempt from the process. Also exempt are those coming into Goliad to prove themselves in local cookoffs, as well as vendors coming into town to sell wares on market days.

While the background check fee does cost some, it is a necessary endeavor to update background for any mobile food vendor, in order to build trust with Goliad and its citizens.

“Somebody may decide next week that they’re going to rob a bank, well, they were OK last week,” Mayor Brenda Moses said with a chuckle.

Also at the meeting, council took one further step in potentially receiving state funds through the 2021-2022 Community Development Block Grant. Council awarded the professional engineering service provider contract on the project to Ardurra, which will write up the city’s proposal for funding.

The primary objective of the grant program is to develop viable communities by providing decent housing and suitable living environments, as well as expanding opportunities principally for persons of low or moderate income. Eligible applicants are non-entitlement cities under 50,000 in population, to which Goliad applies.

For more information on the grant, visit www.texasagriculture.gov.


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