Deliciousness from the garden to the table

Yellow Squach Dressing and other vegetables fresh from the garden helped to make a hearty , delicious meal that was just as tasty the next day. (Photo by Darlene Montague)

After several months of waiting, our raised-bed garden is finally paying off. Our tomatoes are going crazy, our yellow squash is keeping steady and our red potatoes are ready to harvest. These delicious vegetables are the reason everyone needs to put in some kind of garden.

It took me a long time to make every component of this meal, but it was all so worth it. The yellow squash I usually just boil and eat, but this time I decided to make it into a dressing. Our corn isn’t quite ready yet so I had to get some from the grocery store. Creamed corn is my most favorite vegetable. The boiled potatoes just needed lots of butter plus salt and pepper. Sliced tomatoes on the side are a must. And this Mississippi Crockpot Roast is the one that has been going around the internet for years now. Leftovers were just as fantastic the next day.

Yellow Squash Dressing

• 1 pkg. cornbread mix, mixed and baked according to directions

• 2 slices sourdough bread, toasted and made into crumbs

• 4-5 tender yellow squash, seeds removed and sliced

• 1/3 large onion, sliced

• 1 Tbsp. bacon grease

• salt and pepper

 • 4-5 tender inner stalks  of celery with leaves, sliced

• 1/3 large onion, chopped

• 3 Tbsp. butter

• 1 can cream of chicken soup with herbs

• 1 cup squash cooking water

Mix and bake cornbread as instructed on the package. When cool enough to handle, make into crumbs. Toast the bread and put in a food processor to make crumbs. Set both aside.

Put the prepared squash and onion into a saucepan and cover slightly with water. Add the bacon grease and season with salt and pepper. Cook until tender but not mushy. Drain the squash and reserve the liquid.

Put the celery, onion and butter into a large frying pan and sauté until tender. Add in the drained squash. Add in the crumbled cornbread and bread crumbs.

Mix together the soup and a cup of the reserved squash cooking liquid. Stir this into the mixture in the frying pan. (If you like your dressing more “wet”, add some chicken stock to get it as soupy as you like. I like mine on the dry side.) Stir gently to combine.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Heavily butter a baking dish large enough to hold the dressing mixture. Bake covered for 35-40 minutes.

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