All students must wear face masks, shields

All elementary students, no matter their age now, will have to wear either a mask or face shield while at school. 

GOLIAD – All students, even those 10 and younger, will have to wear a face shield or mask while going to school.

The district, said Goliad Superintendent Dr. Stacy Ackley, would provide the masks and shields to the students.

“We have some nice shields that will be really easy for a little child to wear,” Ackley said. For the youngsters, these shields can be left in the classroom and disinfected during the nightly cleaning of the rooms.

“We are going to provide the initial one,” he said. “We cannot keep handing them out every time they need a mask and a shield.”

For those parents concerned about sending their youngsters to class, the district will continue its offer for at-home learning where the students receive instruction through digital broadcast, both live and prerecorded.

So far, between 75 and 80 percent of the students are expected to be back in the classroom.

“We are going to try and keep it as normal as possible,” he said. “If your kid stays home or comes to school, I think we will be able to provide a high quality education regardless of choice. 

“We want to make sure we are seeing growth and providing a good education. 

“We are ready to get our kids in school and in school doesn’t mean brick and mortar.”

That return is sparking questions from parents unsure of the safety measures being implemented by the district.

For the past couple of weeks, the district has been answering these questions on their website, 

How many students will be in a classroom in the fall in the in-person model?

Since our students and staff will be wearing masks or shields, we are not currently limiting the size of classes. At GISD, we have smaller than average class sizes and expect our class size to remain about the same as it has been in the past.

Where will students be eating meals?

Food and Nutrition Services will provide breakfast and lunch at each of the three campuses. Principals are currently completing plans on serving students at each specific campus, but eating in classes, in the cafeteria with shields on and separated with distance are all options available at this time.

Will there be temperature checks for students before they get on the bus and for students each day?

Yes, the students will be required to have a temperature taken when arriving at the bus or at school if not a bus rider. If a student has a temperature of 100 or more, the student will be sent home and not allowed to return to school until a negative COVID-19 test is submitted or 14 days have passed for quarantine.

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