Brumby calling for conservative spending by county

Kirby Brumby, still serving as sheriff, smiles having just received word that he won the Republican nomination as Commissioner Precinct 3. He has no Democratic opponent in November. 

GOLIAD – Sheriff Kirby Brumby will remain head of county law enforcement through Dec. 31 when he hopes to take his seat on commissioners court.

Brumby won the Republican nomination for this position beating John Creech 232 to 194 during the July 14 runoff election.

“I am a fiscal conservative,” said Brumby having just heard the news that evening outside the tax office where votes were tallied. “We cannot spend more money than we are bringing in.”

Past budgets, excluding the one currently in place for the county, have relied on reserve funds to pay the bills for budgets that needed more money than taxes were generating. This, according to recent information, is depleting the amount of money the county has on hand to keep it running before the bulk of the tax money is received.

Brumby, who did not seek reelection to his current position as sheriff, said that he will continue to wear his badge for the remainder of the year.

“I was elected to be the sheriff,” he said. “I am not deserting my position.”

Brumby cannot be officially the winner of this seat until after the November election.

Commissioner Mickey White sought reelection but lost during the first primary.

Brumby has served as sheriff for the past 12 years with four years prior as constable.

Expected to replace Brumby as head of the sheriff’s office is Roy Boyd who had neither a Republican opponent for the nomination nor an expected Democratic opponent in November.

“I tried to get him to run four years ago so I could run for commissioner then,” the sheriff said. 

Brumby acknowledged without concern the often heated discussions held by commissioners during their Monday meetings. He adds that after what he has been through as a peace officer, he is not concerned.

“I have been cussed at. I have been spit on,” he said. These county meetings don’t give him pause.

“We will work for the good of the county,” he said.

Jason Collins is the editor at the Goliad Advance-Guard and can be reached at 361-343-5221, or at

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