Buelter resigns

Bill Clough photo Goliad County Republican Chair Kenneth Buelter has resigfned. Replacing him as interim chair is Myra Schulze.

GOLIAD – Goliad County Republican Chair Kenneth Buelter has resigned.

He announced his resignation Tuesday at a noon luncheon at the Depot of the Goliad Republican Women.

“I have served Goliad County and the Republican Party of Texas faithfully for the last 10 years,” he wrote in a news release about the changeover. “It’s time for a change.”

The Republican County Executive Committee has named Myra Sue Schulz as Buelter’s interim replacement.

“I want to get in there and find out what I need to do first,” she says. “Early voting starts in the next two weeks.”

Might she run to replace Buelter permanently?

“I’m not sure yet,” she says, “I want to find out how the primary goes. I would like to.

“I’ve always been a Republican. I have been an election clerk, an election judge for the last however many elections there have been. Ken, Daphne (former county treasurer) and I have been friends for years.”

In his farewell news release, Buelter summed up a decade of philosophical and political conflict with the commissioners court.

“Goliad still has many problems and spends too much taxpayer money frivolously. All you have to do is (to) look at the increase in this year’s budget for salaries for the five full-time paramedics and the five full-time EMTs to see that.”

Butler said he was comfortable with leaving the county Republican chairmanship with Schulze.

“I believe Myra will do her best to make sure this primary season is fair, honest and that every vote counts. She also will stand up for conservative values unlike many of our Republican elected officials.”

The Buelters are moving to north-central Texas where they can be closer to their children.

Bill Clough is the Goliad editor at the Advance-Guard Press and can be reached at 361-645-2330, or at goliad@mySouTex.com.