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Margaret Arriaga helps set up the Christmas trees in preperation for Christmas in Goliad. (photo by Matthew Tamez)

Main Street Goliad has begun decorating its Christmas tree forest. This marks Main Street Goliad’s fifth year operating the award winning Goliad Christmas Tree Project. During its first week of work, Main Street Goliad is decorating the building itself.

During the second week of decoration, different clubs, businesses and individuals will decorate all 15 Christmas trees on display. The doors to the Christmas tree building will officially open on Dec. 3 at the start of Christmas in Goliad.

“They are on display for two weeks, so we close on Dec. 11. People can nominate families that are in need of a Christmas tree and we give all 15 away to people in the community. They get the tree, all the decorations, the skirting and everything.”

Keli Miller is excited to see how everything looks when the decorating is complete. She spent the entirety of Nov. 22 at the Christmas Tree Building overseeing decorations.

The Christmas Tree Building is located at 136 N. Courthouse Square.

Although decorating the building is an opportunity to volunteer, the hours spent decorating the building also counts as community service hours for juveniles.

In light of the recent thefts of the courthouse square scarecrows during Market Days, Miller has confirmed that they are keeping a close eye on the building and making sure nothing can be taken during the evening hours.

Main Street Goliad is very thankful for the sponsors and decorators they have had in previous years. Main Street Goliad mentioned in a reminder to potential sponsors and decorators that these positions go within the first few days. The deadline for reserving a sponsorship or decorating slot was Nov. 1, however the sponsors have not been publicly named as of this writing.

Once the event is open, members of the community can nominate a deserving family to receive a Christmas tree by contacting Miller at keli.miller@goliadtx.net or by calling 361-645-3454.


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