Elementary student council takes second win for work in community

Shown here accepting the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association award last year are Julie Franke, sponsor, Addison Yendrey, Tessa Camacho, Kennadie Auten, Clara Howard, Isabel Sanchez, Casey Schulze, sponsor.

GOLIAD – Winning their first year was an accomplishment. So when the teachers learned that the elementary school student council was being honored for a second time, they were understandably overjoyed.

Casey Schulze, sponsor of the student council at the elementary school, has been with them since it resumed two years ago.

“For my first seven years here, we didn’t have a student council,” Schulze said.

That first year she entered the contest – not suspecting she would win.

“We were just trying to get their toes back in,” she said. “I was really excited to win.”

Being among the winning schools that year solidified her resolve to continue the work.

But a hurdle would appeared when the co-sponsor left the district. Luckily, Julie Franke, another teacher in the district coming from Victoria, was willing to step in and offer a hand.

“Our biggest project this year was “Feed a Family in February,” Franke said. “I felt like the kids worked really hard.

“They really outdid themselves on the signs and making sure they were bringing it in and encouraging them. When we got recognized, it was validation that we are doing good.”

The lack of time in the classroom also meant that some of the council’s community projects were scrubbed this year.

“I was worried if we did enough,” Schulze said. “It feels nice to be recognized. It boosts the campus and the community.”

Feed a Family in February

Students from throughout the school were able to help by bringing in canned goods and supplies for 12 selected families. “We had a competition amongst the grade levels,” Franke said.

That worked because every family received a tote of supplies that were even more valuable to them than these students imagined when the project began.

“They could not have collected this food at a better time,” Schulze said. 

It was right at the start of the COVID-19 scare, and grocery stories were emptying of many necessary supplies.

“People were struggling,” Schulze said. While the students, who did sort and box all the supplies before being sent home to prevent the coronavirus spread, did not get to deliver the supplies themselves, the teachers made sure the families received the boxes.

“I really it is good for the students,” Schulze said. “It shows them what leadership means.”

Building leaders

Students this year stepped up their game.

Schulze said that this past year one of the events the students organized was the book parade.

“All grade levels were invited to participate,” Schulze said. “They got to dress up like their favorite character for the day. Student council officers and members created posters and promoted it.”

These youngsters did so well, they didn’t even need their sponsors.

“Our officers really did step up, because we were both out with sick kids,” Franke said.

Learning to be leaders is what this is about, both teachers agreed. Part of that leadership role is teamwork.

“Especially when we were making signs, you could hear them encouraging each other,” Franke said.  “Hopefully they can take that on with them.”

Jason Collins is the editor at the Goliad Advance-Guard and can be reached at 361-343-5221, or at editor@mySouTex.com.

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