Different organizations began fully decorating the Christmas trees on display at Christmas in Goliad’s 2021 Christmas Tree Forest.

Goliad County has many historic landmarks, venues and buildings throughout the area. One such venue, Schroeder Hall, was awarded Live Music Venue of the Year at the Texas Country Music Awards on Nov. 14.

I had to put out a call to friends and family this week to send in some recipes to help me meet my deadline. I had a sudden and very painful gout flair-up the evening before which kept me awake all night and Bil had to locate the walker just so I could get out of bed the next morning. The pa…

Brandon Enos, Goliad Rotary Club vice president, hands a bag of Halloween treats to Leticia Hernandez, activities director at LaBahia Nursing and Rehabilitation on Oct. 30. The club donated 40 bags to the staff and residents of the facility. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Enos)

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Well something odd happened last week. A bag of Doritos came home with me from the grocery store. Two bags actually, and odd because I’m pretty sure I haven’t bought Doritos in at least 15 years or more.

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After several months of waiting, our raised-bed garden is finally paying off. Our tomatoes are going crazy, our yellow squash is keeping steady and our red potatoes are ready to harvest. These delicious vegetables are the reason everyone needs to put in some kind of garden.

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I'm becoming more like my late mother all the time. She was notorious for changing any recipe a friend gave her because she thought something else would taste better or because she didn’t have the exact ingredients on hand. The recipe was seldom improved by her efforts.