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Amanda Eller (left) and Caylee Wright, members of the Goliad Education Foundation, begin decorating the tree that The Goliad Education Foundation sponsored. (photo by Matthew Tamez)

Different organizations began fully decorating the Christmas trees on display at Christmas in Goliad’s 2021 Christmas Tree Forest.

The finishing touches were put on the trees recently in preparation for Christmas in Goliad, which was held on Dec. 3. The 15 trees will remain on display until Dec. 11. Citizens will be able to nominate families in need from Goliad County as well as Bee County, Refugio County and Victoria County to receive a tree.

Main Street Director Keli Miller comments that despite the trees all having the same base appearance, after decoration, each tree becomes unique.

“Everything is going really smoothly,” Miller, “... It’s really interesting. Some of them go really elaborate ... all the trees are all identical, they are all 6 1/2 feet. They have color changing lights. ... We’ve had all different types of themes so far. ... They are turning out really nicely.”

Throughout the continued decorating, the building has been open to the public. People walking the streets of downtown Goliad could wander in and see the work being put into decorating these trees.

The Goliad Education Foundation is one of the sponsors for the Christmas trees this year. The Goliad Education Foundation has been sponsoring a Christmas tree every year since the inception of the annual Christmas Tree Forest.

Each Christmas tree is a different effort in creativity. The Goliad Education Foundation used school colors as a theme while decorating its tree.

“I like (the event) because it’s a way to give back to the community,” said Caylee Wright, treasurer for the Goliad Education Foundation. “... They’ve expanded from Goliad. They are also including Bee County, Refugio County and Victoria County. I feel like it’s a good way to spread Christmas cheer, give back to the community and have fun. We like to do that.

“I like it,” continued Wright. “I like our little small town Christmas traditions and how everything flows together. It gets the community together to have fun and relax during a stressful time of the year.”

The trees will be on full display at the time of printing. Members of the community can nominate a deserving family to receive one of these Christmas trees by contacting Miller at keli.miller@goliadtx.net or by calling 361-645-3454.


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