J. A. White Family Center welcomes Carly Shockley

Members of The Golden West Trio were (from left) David Simmons, William "Son" Horny, and Olen Klump. 

The J.A. White Family Goliad Center is happy to announce the addition of Goliad native Carly Shockley to our staff!  

Carly is a Goliad Tiger from the class of 2017 and is a recent graduate of Texas Lutheran University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in history.

Carly has been a summer intern with the Center for Texas History since 2017 prior to her first semester at TLU. Working as an intern, Carly quickly learned how to archive and accession donations to the holdings of the Center for Texas History and is first rate at handling patron information requests, particularly genealogy. 

Among Carly’s new responsibilities will be writing the “GCTH Highlights” column, to which she brings a fresh perspective. Please, welcome Carly as a valued member of the team, devoted to preserving, protecting and promoting the rich local history of Goliad, and the great state of Texas. 

Music in Goliad

A few weeks ago, a patron at the Goliad Center for Texas History sent in a request about a local band called the Kustoms who were around in the early 1970s. Being born much later, naturally I hadn’t heard of them, but as I did research about the Kustoms, I realized how big they were. At least around Goliad and the surrounding areas. 

I bet there is a reader who remembers the Kustoms playing almost every weekend at Weesatche, Schroeder, Nordheim or Gruenau halls. You can even find some of their songs on Youtube, transporting you back to the Saturday nights at one of the local dance halls. 

Later some of the members of the Kustoms joined to create the Taylor Brothers Band, which I know many of you are familiar with.

Another group of singers that transformed the music of Goliad was the Golden West Trio who entertained in the late 1940s to early ’50s. Members of this trio were David Simmons, William “Son” Horny and Olen Klump. 

Right out of Goliad High School, these former football players would perform their renditions of popular western songs on radio programs, local meetings for clubs, school functions and other events. 

The Goliad Center for Texas History houses within its collections photos of the Golden West Trio performing on floats in Goliad’s parades, supporting local businesses. These young men were obviously local stars in their community.

The Perez Orchestra was another talented group of musicians here in Goliad. The Perez Orchestra was started by Encarnacion Perez and his family, who were from the La Bahia area, in the late nineteenth century. The orchestra continued playing into the early 1900s. Some of the original members of the orchestra were Blas Falcon, Hipolito Perez, Domingo Perez, Estevan Perez, Pedro Perez and Facundo Caceres. 

Later on, the families of these musicians joined the orchestra, creating a family and music centered group. An article dedicated to the Perez Orchestra was published in October 2017.

Didn’t see your favorite local band mentioned? These three bands of musicians are just an example of the talent that has come out of Goliad. The Goliad Center for Texas History would love to hear and collect any other information about local musicians or bands that played in or came from Goliad. 

Music is such a big part of our lives now, but the music of the past sheds light on how tastes change, where music comes from and on our own past. 

If you have any information on the music of Goliad, please contact us at cshockley@goliadcountytx.gov or 361-645-2291.

Contact Carly Shockley at cshockley@goliadcountytx.gov.

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