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Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd is joined by his wife, Tracye, as the lawman was sworn into the Board of Directors for the Sheriff's Association of Texas. (Photo via GCSO)

The Goliad Advance-Guard has named Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd as its newsmaker of the year.

Boyd was elected as Goliad County Sheriff in November 2020 and has been making headlines ever since. Boyd’s work ethic and dedication to the town is apparent in the actions he has taken in the year since his election.

For instance, in August 2021, Boyd was elected along with four other contemporaries to comprise the Sheriff’s Association of Texas board of directors. Boyd took the opportunity without hesitation so he would have a chance to work on issues sheriffs are facing across Texas.

Boyd noted that these issues included not only the ongoing U.S.-Mexico border crisis but also day to day issues such as lack of manpower.

Boyd has been outspoken on the border crisis since his election. Following several incidents regarding undocumented immigrants, Falls City hosted an informational session with Boyd as the keynote speaker. Boyd was late to that session due to a bailout and investigation in Goliad that day.

During this session, Boyd spoke about the border situation and the situation in the local counties.

“What’s happening on the border is having a direct impact on our communities,” said Boyd. “We have a lot of stolen trucks within the region, a lot of trespassing. We have cartels setting up stash sites on private property without the knowledge or permission from the owners. They’re scared to go on their own property and fearful of reporting it.

“We have businesses in the region that are actually shell companies for cartels and help launder their money and move a lot of their slaves.

“The cartels have a permanent presence in our counties, they’re in our little towns. They have operatives that live here that are being paid by them and conducting business on their behalf. We cannot allow it to continue on.”

Boyd has worked hard with the other nearby counties, focusing on assisting and investigating sites of interest.

Boyd once again made headlines in July when he was called by Gov. Greg Abbott to take the lead on law enforcement budget discussions with the Texas Senate’s finance committee.

This took place during a trip to Austin to discuss the county and state’s ongoing border crisis. Boyd was joined by County Judge Mike Bennett for a legislative forum hosted by the Texas Jail Commission.

Most recently in November, Boyd made headlines once again during a law enforcement luncheon further addressing the border crisis.

The point of the luncheon, according to Boyd, was to “get together and just have a candid discussion of what needs to happen at the state level in order to try to mitigate the issues that we’re facing, because the federal government is going to do nothing.”

During his time as sheriff, Boyd has made the border crisis his primary concern. “... That is the thing we face on a daily basis throughout the region,” said Boyd. “So we’re trying to work closely with the state and come up with some sort of solution that will reduce impact at the local level. ... The Goliad County Sheriff’s Office is doing everything within their power.”

Boyd will continue his service to the community throughout the rest of his time as sheriff. One thing is for sure, if Boyd maintains his dedication to his role, he will continue to make headlines here at the Goliad Advance-Guard.


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