Over the weekend, Keli Miller, the director of Main Street Goliad, had noticed that the four human sized scarecrows at the four corners of the courthouse square had been stolen.

With the help of members of the community, Miller was able to locate the scarecrows by the river on a small spot of land surrounded by water.

“They had to go down steps and cross the water to hang them in the trees,” said Miller. “We just picked them up and put them back in our warehouse so they’re secure. They are safe for next year.”

Miller mentioned how much work went into making those scarecrows. The four of these human sized scarecrows were hand stitched and stuffed with hay.

“We hope someone will let us know (who took them),” Miller said. “Honestly, my punishment is spend a whole year volunteering with the Main Street board. See how much work we put in and maybe you’ll learn a lesson. That’s my punishment. Do some community service and see what it’s all about.”

Miller mentioned that while there is no investigation by the police or sheriff’s department, she is hoping that members of the community will privately tell them who stole the scarecrows. Miller would like to handle this privately.

Unfortunately, the scarecrows have been retired for the year, with the exception of one scarecrow, which will be dressed as Santa Claus during the Christmas season.

“I was going to let them stay out through Thanksgiving,” said Miller. “There will be one back. It will be dressed as Santa Claus.”

The scarecrows did not suffer any superficial damage, however the hay inside the scarecrows did get wet.

“Now they are all wet and we are letting them dry in the warehouse right now,” Miller continued. “So I’m hoping that doesn’t ruin them for next year and they aren’t going to be stinking. Other than that, a couple of hats are missing, but that’s nothing.”

Miller was touched by how quickly the community rallied around the missing scarecrows, noting that the community loved them as much as the Main Street board did.

Miller stated that not even 24 hours had passed between discovering the scarecrows were missing and members of the community locating them.

Main Street Goliad continues to decorate the Square, but notes that they now have to keep a close eye on the Christmas tree building to make sure it does not get vandalized.

Miller has been working with Main Street Goliad for four years and mentioned never noticing any vandalism before. In light of these events, Main Street Goliad is contemplating installing cameras as a security measure.

“Main Street Goliad does not tolerate this kind of behavior,” Miller concluded.

While the four scarecrows have been retired for the year, tourists and members of the community can still see one of them dressed as Santa during this holiday season.


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