GOLIAD – The city has received a six-figure grant for improvement of infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

City Administrator Kandi Hubert received notification by email Friday.

“We’re in high cotton,” she said.

The General Land Office Hurricane Harvey Reconstructions grant is for $477,108.

The 25-page contract specifies the funds are targeted for flood, drainage work on a number of city streets.

Specifically, as outlined in a city news release, the monies will be used to:

•Reconstruct the driving surface sub-grade and road base by excavating salvaging and reclaiming materials and applying concrete stabilizer, base materials,  hot-mix asphaltic concrete and seal-coating along East Franklin  and South Duvall streets.

•Excavate, regrade and reshape adjacent drainage channel improvements and driveway approaches along South Franklin and Duvall streets

•Reconstruct adjacent reinforced concrete pipe drainage culverts, install concrete headwall, safety and treatment and guard fencings on water crossing.

The city applied for the grant using the Grantworks company. “We started right after Harvey,” says Goliad Treasurer Sherry Cathey-Kuenstler.

The grant is one of two for which she has applied.

The second is a $302,500 matching Community Development Block Grant for water and service improvements offered by  the Texas Department of Agriculture.

“We are hopeful,” Hubert says, about the block grant. Of the GLO grant?

“We’re ecstatic.”

Bill Clough is the Goliad editor at the Advance-Guard Press and can be reached at 361-645-2330, or at goliad@mySouTex.com.