Correct Solutions Group sponsored a law enforcement luncheon on Oct. 29. The luncheon included a panel of speakers addressing the border crisis impacts on local law enforcement, recommendations to mitigate the crisis and fighting vaccine mandates in state Senate.

The panel included Refugio County Sheriff Pinky Gonzales, Refugio County Chief Deputy Gary Wright, Texas State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd, Goliad County Chief Deputy Tim Futch, Goliad County Judge Mike Bennett and Travis Sterling, representing Correct Solutions Group. 

Boyd spoke on the panel, relating that the panel was to “get together and just have a candid discussion of what needs to happen at the state level in order to try to mitigate the issues that we’re facing, because the federal government is going to do nothing.”

Kolkhorst began the panel with a show of appreciation for members of law enforcement present at the luncheon. 

“I just want to first of all say thank you to each and every one of you for your commitment and your service to our state and to our nation,” said Kolkhorst. 

On the subject of vaccine mandates, Kolkhorst, as chair of Health and Human Services, passed a bill that would ensure that no business would be capable of enforcing a vaccine passport. 

“Senate bill 968,” continued Kolkhorst, “one of the most difficult bills I’ve ever tried to pass. But I just believe that you should not have to show something when you walk into a restaurant.

“When you see what’s going on in New York right now,” Kolkhorst continued, “it’s really creating segregation ... So I’ve worked on a lot of different levels that touch your lives, but I’m here to listen and learn today.”

Kolkhorst spoke on the state of border security and how much state money is going into securing the border. According to Kolkhorst, over $3 billion is being spent to secure the border. 

“... I can’t look any of my constituents in the eye and say ‘we’re good. We’re good. We got this under control.’ I can’t. Even though we’re spending more money than ever before.”

Kolkhorst spoke further on the state of the border and the firsthand knowledge South Texans have of this issue. 

“I’m a little bit amazed that some people in other parts of the nation don’t really know what’s going on with our border because, you know, some news outlets don’t cover it and that’s a real issue. So I don’t know in your role what you can do to help us bring light, shed light to this issue, because it’s not just a Texas issue.”

Boyd also spoke on how he views border security as the predominant issue and their primary concern. 

“... That is the thing we face on a daily basis throughout the region,” said Boyd. “So we’re trying to work closely with the state and come up with some sort of solution that will reduce impact at the local level... The Goliad County Sheriff’s Office is doing everything within their power.

“The problem has to be solved in Mexico,” continued Boyd. “Nothing that’s being done currently is designed to solve the problem.”

Kolkhorst stated that while immigration is a federal issue, Texas is not getting the support it needs from the government. 

“Texas has got to be the front line of defense in making sure that we have law and order. There’s a way to immigrate to the United States and caravans pushing through into our state is not the way.”

After the luncheon, a closed meeting was held for law enforcement for legislative discussion.


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