Manahuilla bridge slated for finish next year

Replacement of the Manahuilla Creek bridge will expand the shoulder of the bridge to 10 feet but keep its two-lane capacity.

GOLIAD – Replacement of the bridge across Manahuilla Creek continues with an expected completion date during the first three months of next year.

“The replacement of the bridge on U.S. Highway 183 north of Goliad is a Texas Department of Transportation safety and connectivity project,” said Rickey Dailey, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation. “The narrowness of the bridge and its age contributed to the need to replace it. 

“Also, the bridge was a load-restricted bridge, which means vehicles exceeding a certain weight, typically large trucks, could not travel over it.”

This isn’t the only bridge up for replacement either. 

TxDOT is replacing all of the bridges from the DeWitt County line to Refugio with newer wider structures.

Crews with Relmco Inc., identified as the primary contractor, have been working on this $3,587,103 project since August of 2019.

“The total width of the new bridge will be 44 feet with two 12-feet-wide travel lanes and 10-feet-wide shoulders, which are included as safety enhancements,” Dailey said. “The latest schedule estimates substantial completion of the project in the first quarter of 2021. 

“COVID-19 has not adversely affected the job.” 

Included also in the improvements is the widening of the highway.

“The project you refer to on U.S. Highway 183 will not widen the roadway to a four-lane facility,” Dailey said. “The project, however, is a rehabilitation and widening job from U.S. Highway 59 to the DeWitt County line that will improve this section of roadway by adding alternating passing lanes, similar to the work under way on U.S. 183 from U.S. 59 south to Refugio. 

“This is known as a Super 2 highway, where a periodic passing lane is added to a two-lane highway to allow slower vehicles to be passed safely.”

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