No doubt they smoke Camels?

have no data on local life spans, but a recent survey reveals that more cigarettes are consumed per capita in Constantinople than any other city in the world.

Living legacy

Have you ever seen a magnolia tree in bloom? The trees can grow to impressive heights while displaying large fragrant white flowers. The magnolia is the state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi. The beautiful plant is named after Pierre Magnol, a French botanist active in the 1600s.

Gross etymology

Some words are formed through logical use. Twelve dozen represents 144. One hundred forty-four items is one gross. Food merchants of yesteryear, offering their goods wholesale, often sold several gross at a time. These venders were called grossers – and grossers evolved into “grocers.”

South wins

The highest point in North America is Mt. McKinley (aka Denali) measured to be 20,320 feet. There are 38 peaks in South America taller than Mt. McKinley. The tallest of these is Aconcagua towering at 22,841 feet. I have scaled neither McKinley nor Aconcagua and while comfortably hovering at age 72 – I have no plans to ascend anything more challenging than some diminutive steps at our nearby hamburger joint.

Ferocious history

Soccer crowds have been disturbingly rowdy for centuries. Case in point: In 1540 King Henry VIII banned soccer because of the ferocity and the frequency of riots erupting after scheduled matches.

A  good diagnosis

George III of Great Britain had bouts of strange behavior, even suspected insanity. For several days he would speak freely while inexplicably ending almost every sentence with the word “peacock.”

Calling all cars

Policemen have used automobiles while fighting crime for more than 100 years. Records indicate that the Boston Police Department purchased a special transport car in 1903. It was steam-powered.

Bolt belted

Tommy Bolt was a rather famous and accomplished professional golfer. He won the U.S. Open in 1958. However, he is also renown for being the only professional golfer (thus far) to be fined for excess flatulence during competition. I am not making this up.

Not a day trek

Do you desire to hike the entire Appalachian Trail? If so, wear excellent footwear and take plenty of water. The celebrated route is 2,174 miles long.


The Utah towns of Kamas and Samak are neighbors. Take notice of the two spellings.

The dregs

 Some slang of the Old West warrants explanation. For instance, “coffin varnish” referred to yesterday’s coffee still in the pot. Yum. 

Well, have a groovy day. Peacock.

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