Second shot at prom

SCHROEDER – Schroeder Hall is opening its doors to make sure the seniors of Goliad have the prom they missed this year.

“Personally, I cannot image being a 17- or 18-year-old and going through this,” said co-owner Christine Krause. “They spent their whole school life waiting for prom and graduation.”

Prom was one of many events cancelled as concerns of COVID-19 spreading heightened this school year. 

The idea to host a prom came about as Krause was talking with her daughter, a Cuero High senior.

“We were joking one night, and we said, ‘We have the hall, and we can throw you your own personal prom,’”Krause said. 

The idea grew, and the decision was made by the owners to have three days — the first two of which are dedicated to Victoria County schools — of proms for the area seniors. These dances are June 4, 5 and 6 from 8 p.m. until midnight.

Of course, being in Goliad County, the hall is adhering to the regulations established for this county.

Compliance means “as long as we stay at our 50 percent capacity and tables are six feet apart and we keep our open outdoor patio open during the event.”

Of course, no alcohol is allowed during the event, and only seniors and their dates are being permitted inside.

“We wanted to be able to do something to give the kids  memories and something positive about this year,” Krause said.

While they are a dance hall, the venue is opening under the regulations of a restaurant; this time they are getting food donated because of the quantity needed for the event.

“We calculated out the number, and we will be under 600 with the guests,” Krause said. “Which is under our 50 percent.

Victoria East and Victoria West are the larger of the schools invited to participate. Because of their senior class size, these schools are scheduled for that Thursday and Friday.

All students wanting to attend are being asked to get a free ticket through 

“They can print a ticket, and they have to bring a student ID or report card that shows they are a senior,” Krause said.

“We have to keep track of the number of students to show we are in compliance.

“We have to keep it only open to seniors at this point. We don’t have the space for the other grades right now.”

This will be the first time the hall has hosted a prom although they do routinely host fundraisers and weddings.

“We do host other community events,” Krause said. “We have had things for the Wounded Warriors. Before everything shut down, we were doing another fundraiser for a group out of Victoria. 

“There has been other types of fundraiser things out there also.”

Jason Collins is the editor at the Goliad Advance-Guard and can be reached at 361-343-5221, or at