While still in the first days of early voting, one candidate for commissioner faces a contempt of court accusation accusing him of releasing grand jury docket information.

Sheriff Kirby Brumby, who is currently in a runoff race against John Creech for the Precinct 3 position, was served with the civil court motion today at 9:58 a.m.

Titled a Motion for Contempt of Court and filed June 9, court records say that on May 22, the district attorney’s office faxed a copy of the grand jury docket, which would be scheduled for May 29, to the sheriff’s office.

“The docket contained information concerning a grand jury investigation into several Goliad County commissioners and a complaint against the County Judge, Mike Bennett.

“After receiving said docket, Kirby Brumby informed Judge Mike Bennett that he was on the grand jury docket for an investigation.”

The sheriff was served with a Notice to Show Cause on July 1 informing him of the Aug. 13 hearing in this case.

Bennett decline comment on the civil case. The sheriff also decline comment calling this “political.”

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